A gardener never wants to be indoors. I have daydreamed of keeping a blog as a record of my gardening defeats and victories. I have so many thoughts to many pictures to share. But there is always a break in the rain where one could quickly slip on some clogs and pull a few weeds. There is always a few more minutes of daylight to plant a few more bulbs. Even in the cold of winter the garden can be worked, to prepare for the next season of blooms.

Unless three feet of snow sit on top of it.

So here we are. The snow continues to fall in an epic storm. What better time to stop dreaming and make it reality? I will begin with a collection of posts from the past few years in my garden. The garden has grown with me, as I have with it. From here I'll do my best to slip in updates when the rains arrive. I'll let the elements have their time with the plants, be mindful, and reflect.