February to-do list.

February is here and its time to prep the garden for Spring. Although astronomical Spring doesn't come until late march, the first ephemerals will begin popping up in a few weeks. My uncle used to say "landscaping spring begins February 1". The best time to get a jump on the season is now, as soon as the soil can be worked (I've tried edging garden beds while the dirt was still frozen, but I didn't get far).

Tilling the garden by hand (well, with a spade, not with my hands)...

If we didn't get started now, March would be a frenzy. Here are the chores on my list for this month:

  • Edge beds, spread compost and mulch
  • Cut back (some) perennials
  • Service tools (sharpen blades, oil or grease joints, change oil and service gas equipment)
  • Till vegetable garden and work in compost
  • Use willpower to avoid starting seeds too early
  • Fix wall that snowplow plowed (see below)