January to-do list.

The garden is sleeping, but gardeners won't rest. I use my time in January to scroll through seed catalogs, draw out my garden plans, fix tools, and reflect on last year. I got a late start to this blog in January, but I do want to make it a habit to keep a to-do list every month. 

This January I:

  • Started this blog!
  • Dug out from an epic snowstorm
  • Installed a light fixture (indoors, but technically it is above some succulents in a cloche)
  • Ordered seeds 
  • Planted the last of the fall bulbs I ordered (December was unseasonably warm here). I put in 1535 bulbs this year (ok, maybe that was a bit much, but until I find a Gardeners Anonymous chapter in my city I'll stick to denying I have a problem)

This muscari was such a delight in the garden last Spring, so I planted even more!

Next month I'll get a to-do list out early. Oh snap, February starts tomorrow!