Friday - Flower in Focus

This weeks Flower in Focus is Helleborus x Nigercors "Ice Breaker Corsica".  Hellebores are one of the first plants to flower in the late winter / early spring garden. I have admired these guys for a long time and decided this year to add a few to my garden. They are blooming right now, but being that they came from a nursery I will have to see when they naturally bloom where I have them situated.

They flower early in the year, during or near the time of Lent, and thus have earned the common name "Lenten Roses".  They also have really interesting foliage; gray-green, glossy, tough leaves with a bit of roughness around the edges. They almost look holly-like. Hellebores tend to be a bit pricey but if they are as hardy as they're described it will be worth it. I'll have to watch out for the seedlings they produce, as they are known to self-seed like rabbits. Not a bad thing...

Hellebores? Hell yes!