St Patricks Day - Celebrate with Flora

Just a quick post to share a really neat groundcover. This Trifolium repens "Midnight Shamrock" has beautiful dark red leaves tipped in green. Being a clover it will pretty much grow anywhere, but prefers sun. The more sun it gets, the more red it will have (and darker red at that). Here in March, where the sun is still low in the sky, my patch of Midnight Shamrock is more on the green side of the coin...but even that green is pretty light. I think it makes for really interesting contrast.

These plants are once again proof that some plants offer lots of appeal from their foliage, not just their flowers. These clover will bloom Spring through Fall with the usual pom-pom clover flower. That white bloom atop these colorful leaves is remarkable on a miniature scale. Tell all of your naysayer friends who disdain clover to open their freakin' minds!!