Seedlings 2016 Update

It has been a month since I began starting my seeds. Almost everything has germinated and a few plants are so tall I'm having trouble managing the height of the lights on one shelf (note to self: start cosmos and nasturtiums a few weeks later next year...). 

This year I stripped up more grass (remind me to post about my take on lawn one day), and the plan is to fill those spots with creeping thyme, which looks better, is drought tolerant, and smells great when stepped on. The two areas I want to fill in are about 80 square feet each. I started almost four flats of creeping thyme to install as plugs. The seeds cost me about half of what one flat would cost at the nursery, so this will be a huge cost savings. These have germinated well and are growing quickly! 

Some other perennials I started include echinops, echinacea, and a few rudbeckias (technically biennials). I'm excited about those but really pumped on the annuals for this year. I had good luck with trailing lobelia last year so I started a whole flat of it. Also sweet alyssum, love-in-a-mist, and a host of coleus. I'll move everyone outside in a few weeks!